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Details of Executives

Mr. Sanjay Desai :- Managing Director and Investor

Most managing directors focus on retiring and living a goodlife after the age of 50. But, Mr. Sanjay Desai is still works hard, invests and provides strategic advice to the entire team of Maxim. Being the founder of Maxim Peripherals in 1987, his experience and strategy is worth listening to. He believes in creating a difference in customers life through service and comfortable buying experience.

Tejas Desai :- Marketing Head

Most marketing is about communicating useless noise. Tejas believes marketing is about communicating a message which resonates with the audience. Tejas will give you accurate product information and help you select the perfect solution for your application.

Direct Contact Number : +91 - 9326108275

Vibha Shinde (Technical Queries/ Technical Support)

Service and Tech- Support will never be faster than when Vibha is on her seat. She teams up with various assistant service agents and makes sure you get a flawless complaint resolution experience.

Direct Contact Number : +91 - 9372573685

Arun Barve :- Supply Chain Head

Arun Barve will take your dispatching and shipment tracking needs on priority. You may feel surprised when he dispatches your shipment same day consistently. Your yearly materials needs are his direct responsibility.

Direct Contact Number : +91 - 9833570040